PrimeRaw Photography


Camille and Graham - Matheson Hammock Park Wedding

One of our close friends gave us the honor of taking pictures for her wedding. Even though we don't have much equipment at the present moment we worked with what we had and enjoyed very much capturing all these lovely people, their stories and beautiful surroundings. Was definitely a very emotional and special day we were lucky enough to witness, the union of two very remarkable people. It also opened a new door for us. When I mean us, I mean as in Liz-my long time friend, and I. We've always shared many common interests, those same interests bringing us together in our current path today, and of course one them being photography. We thought to ourselves, why not start putting our work out there? Why not share? We do need the feedback after all for improvement. A great creative outlet for two normal girls on a busy fast paced career, with a growing family.

Our experience that day was such that we fell in love with the idea of capturing more of these moments-to share in the joy and raw emotions of these people, to capture a story and bring to life. And so we hope to continue being inspired and being part of these stories, and thus perfect our art.

"A picture is a poem without words." -Horace