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New camera .... New photographer

Getting my new camera, a Nikon D610, has been as exciting to me as a child opening his gifts on Christmas morning. Just thinking of the new creative doors it allows me to open and the freedoms of action I can give myself is very thrilling. It is easy to use and with some minor reading and testing I was able to start shooting great quality images right away. One of my favorite things is the versatility of having many buttons for the most commonly used settings, I know some people like the “favorites” menu setting instead, but I am a little old fashioned sometimes and it seems convenient to me. Also the quiet modes that my previous camera lacked are going to be useful. Though I have not had the opportunity yet to fully explore its potential I am happy to share some photos I took quickly in my backyard. My dogs, however, were not happy to be woken up from their nap for pictures.