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No baby for newborn photography practice? No problem!

First and foremost I’d like to apologize to the canine community and my poor dogs Sophie and Sammie if these are embarrassing or demoralizing in any way, although they did seem to enjoy themselves since there was lots of pampering and soft blankets. Now that being said, as an aspiring photographer, I have to improvise and find creative ways to reach my goals, in this case, to practice my set up and editing for newborn and baby photography, so that when a real baby becomes my subject I will be ready and confident in the results.

I think that it is a good start to work with my puppies rather than a doll or an inanimate subject, at least these guys made me work to get them into the poses and to look when I want them to. I had very nice relaxing music on and they had eaten a meal just before, so they were actually sleepy which helped them be calm like I was aiming.

By the way I don’t have many props yet as it is appreciable but I’m working on it. There’s no unifying theme, I’m still exploring to find my style.

Enjoy! … and perhaps these will steal a smile from some of you.LIZ_0337-1 LIZ_0352-1 LIZ_0362-1 LIZ_0373-1 LIZ_0381-1 LIZ_0388-1 LIZ_0410-1 LIZ_0415-1 LIZ_0441-1 LIZ_0475-1 LIZ_0504-1