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There's always a rainbow after the storm

Long time absent, shame on me! Between one thing and the other my poor blog has been the last thing to be taken care of, but that’s definitively about to change! It all started when my 4 legged baby got extremely sick all of a sudden some time ago. That month was one of the scariest in my life, every day thinking whether she was going to make it to the next or not. To this day we are not totally sure of the cause. I am so thankful to my previous employer who I think of as friends, Silver Bluff Animal Clinic for their awesome support and help throughout the long ordeal. But with intensive care, lots of love and the reluctance to lose hope, Sophie made it and looks as good as before. Every day I look at her I am reminded of how fragile we all can be, that in the blink of an eye a loved one can be taken away. It really made me focus on the important things in life and shove aside all the rest.

Although it was not all bad, there’s light at the end of the tunnel because that same dreadful month I got a wonderful surprise. After over a year of trying to conceive, when I was almost sure we needed some kind of medical intervention, we finally got pregnant! I cannot out into words the immense joy and happiness it has brought. Now that my morning, or shall I say all day sickness, is subsiding and I can think better and let the creative juices flow freely.

So here it goes to new beginnings, better, stronger and more motivated in all aspects!

Tough little survivor