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A better me inspired by the American Heart Association

Good Morning residents of this eternal summer city!

Today I want to share a little story today: in addition to photographing families in beautiful Miami, we also cover South Florida events for the American Heart Association. A couple weeks ago I covered an event so full of emotion that even I had to fight back some tears that forced their way into my eyes. So many personal stories about family members that have been touched and even taken by heart disease, it's heartbreaking (no pun intended). There is a bright side to all of it though, and that is the desire of all these wonderful people to urgently spread the word about heart disease and most importantly how to prevent it.

I personally try to lead what I considered a healthy lifestyle, but being there I realized that sometimes we get comfortable in our ways and don't realize that we should be doing more, not only for ourselves but for those in our life that really care about us. Whatever your reason or as the American Heart Association calls it "your why" it is important that we take the best care of ourselves. I have been inspired and from now on I intent to implement new ways to take care of myself and I invite you to do the same, not only for yourself but for the ones who love you.


Let’s all stay healthy!


Liz Carruana