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Are your kids camera shy? Tips to help you and them.


Getting that perfect picture of your children should be easy right? I mean, they’re already cute as a button and they love to take selfies with you, piece of cake! … Well, not all the time, let me elaborate. In our experience just because your child is perfectly happy with you snapping pics it doesn’t mean he or she will “perform” in front of our camera. After all we’ve just met, heck not even I trust someone I’ve just met! It’s unrealistic to expect them to always be willing and complacent with our requests, small as they be. Here are some tips that will (hopefully) help your child ease into a successful photo session:

  • First speak to your child about the upcoming photo session and how fun it will be. Preparing them in advance is a good way to ease them into meeting someone new in a possibly new place.
  • If your child still naps make sure he/she had a good one that day.
  • Make sure to bring favorite toys and small non staining treats, we may use them as bargaining chips if needed, also having comforting items may make them feel more at ease.
  • When you first arrive at the session we always recommend that the photographer acknowledge the children as well as the parents.
  • We also recommend and always keep in mind in every shoot to spend some time getting to know them, asking questions, letting them explore the area and being themselves. We strongly believe this makes a difference down the road in their attitude and demeanor.
  • Planning an activity can be a good option as well to take away the attention from the photographer. Something simple as bringing a soccer ball or playing hide and seek.
  • Staying calm yourself. Children typically mirror your reaction to new environment and people so if you stay relaxed they might react similarly.

But sometimes even if take all these steps to make them feel at ease they still may throw a fit or become camera shy, in which case all we can do is give them their space and hope for their mood to improve. We, at PrimeRaw photography, understand this can happen and it’s really no one’s fault, children will be children. When our family portrait sessions don’t go as planned we like offer our clients the chance of re-shooting the session, we truly want you to be happy with your photos since they will be in the family for generations to come.