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My favorite children boutique: Petite Amie

Hi Moms! 

So I have a mild obsession with children clothes, they're just soo cute! You understand right? I don't mean the kind that makes them look like little women going to a nightclub but the innocent or even trendy clothing that makes little girls and boys look their best.  

What to wear is one of the big questions we get therefore as part of providing an outstanding service we have scouted Miami's children boutiques until we finally found our favorite. In hopes of keeping business within our community we limited our search to only locally owner stores only. 

Petite Amie was definitively the winner! as soon as you walk in the store you'll get totally personalized attention for your little one's fashion needs. The selection is to die for, so many cute dresses, accessories and shoes for all occasion! Just look at these images and you'll see what I mean. I even found some hand crocheted items! 

 Located at 7241 SW 57 Ct, South Miami, its fairly easy to get to and plenty of other things to do nearby once you're done shopping. Make it a day and find the perfect outfit for your child's photo session here.    



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