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Exploring Miami: Everglades National Park continued

Happy Monday guys! 


Today's featured photoshoot is another location from Everglades National park. This trail is right off the road and within walking distance, which is very convenient for those with little ones who are yet to start waking. First you'll find a boardwalk through the open grass fields that characterize the Everglades nature, then you'll reach a tower that's an even better vantage point to admire the view. Finally there is another boardwalk that circles around to near the initial entrance. This location is perfect for nature lovers!

 I am totally in love with this photos and this cute little smiling baby boy! 

We started the shoot at the perfect time to catch the sundown and the lighting was just gorgeously flattering. 

To make the best of your photoshoot here be sure to take advantage of the amazing views, you'll get stunning images like these:



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