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Exploring Miami: A.D. (Doug) Barnes park photography

Hi there!

I know I haven't posted in a couple weeks but its all for a good reason! I've been working extra hard with some awesome families for this little project of mine.

I think that there are so many beautiful locations in our town that are not often used for portrait photography, this makes me sad because I see they have so much potential. What did I do? I enlisted these great families and together we set out to explore Miami's lesser know photo spots.

I'm very exited to announce this new series: Exploring Miami. For the next weeks I'll be sharing our photoshoots and tips on how to make the best of each location. 

For today we have A.D. Barnes Park.

Located at 3401 SW 72nd avenue, Miami, Fl 33155. Conveniently close to the palmetto expressway and plenty of parking. This park has an elevated wooden walkway, a lake and a colorful mural wall that all serve as great photo spots. The tall trees provide shelter from the heat of the sun which can be pretty cruel in the summer time. I think AD Barnes has a very adventurous feel.   

If you elect to have your family photography session in this park I'd recommend to wear light fabrics as there is not much breeze flowing trough the trails. Also choose comfortable shoes to avoid getting caught on the few tree roots making their way close to the trails.