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Holiday gift guide

Say Hello to the holidays!

So it is here, the season for comfy clothes, family gatherings, secretly abandoning diet plans for grandmas delicious cooking and of course shopping! It can be such a hassle finding those unique and meaningful type of gifts that you know the recipient will love, the ones that when they get they'll think "this is so thoughtful, I truly love it!" Yeah, that shirt you got your hubby last year, not sure he felt that way about it.

If you are looking for something to spice up your holiday shopping and make everyone on your list feel like you care, because I know you really do, but with so many things happening in such amount of time its not always easy to find the perfect gift. This year I though I'd lend you a helping hand and give you some of my favorite gift ideas.

Enjoy and feel free to add your own suggestions in the comment section. 

  • Locally sourced

Helping our community thrive is important to me, I feel its rewarding to help local businesses whenever possible. If you agree with me then you'll like this section.

1- Plant the future. Simply beautiful store with handcrafted works of art that focus on merging design and plants to make "living art"

3- Yo-Yo children's boutique: the little ones on your list will love their new unique style clothes and you'll love the service at this boutique!

2- The nomad tribe is a new store in Wynwood that focuses not only on fashion but also in giving back to the many causes that can use the help such as the environment, world poverty, education etc. You can even shop by cause you choose to help! 

  • Food related gifts

Yes we all eat, but some things make it more fun such as these:

1- Theo Chocolate: this environmentally concerned company makes delicious chocolate bars with hints of so many flavors such as mint, orange, raspberry and now they have a holiday collection! Yum!

Handcrafted Macaroons: I've recently discovered I love macarons, this shop feels like macaron heaven!

2- Funny cutting board. We use them on a daily basis, so why not add a little humor to your chopping routine? 

3- Cast iron tea pot. Want to make sure they use it? Include some loose leaf tea so they may taste the difference and immediately transport themselves to the hilltops of serenity. This teapot from Teavana is just what the doctor ordered!

  •   Personalized

You might need to order these a couple weeks ahead but they are so worthy of early shopping and they'll love it! Plus who doesn't love something that was made for them specially? 

1- Family tree necklace, carry a daily reminder of your loved ones with this personalized necklace.

3- Paper flowers: I love flowers, but no matter how much I try they just don't seem to look lively long enough to justify buying them, and the fake plastic ones just don't cut it for me. This I have found to be the perfect solution, plus this company also donates to certain health causes. Make someone smile with this beauties!

2- Holiday Ornaments. There's nothing more personalized than the art you helped create. We offer this sweet metal ornament and is part of most of the mini session packages for this year, it will be proudly displayed for a long time and treasured as the fleeting moment it captured. 

  • Grandparent gifts

Oh dear old grandma and grandpa, you can be the most challenging ones sometimes, so many things are out of your list, no technology, you already have everything you need in the kitchen, gift cards will probably will be given to one of your grandkids when we aren't looking, but I am sure they will love these:

1- Floating wrap family print: if there's something they treasure its their family and nothing cold bring them more joy on a daily basis than a beautiful reminder of the family they've created. Surprise them this year with a ready to display wall portrait. 

3- Small metal photo print: every single grandparent home has one of those tabletops or mantel full of family photos, right? Give them an updated versions that will be sure to stand out that they'd find a place for right away. Bonus: no fingerprints stains for all those times grandma will grab it to show a guest. 

2- So we know they can spend a lot of time lounging around and they've earned it! so why not make them a bit more comfortable with these unique chunky blankets?

4-Garden starter pack: a common place to find your grandma in is the garden, but she might struggle to find places to get her seeds from. Help them add a little variety to the garden by giving her this variety seed pack!

  • Gift certificates (the awesome ones) 

This one is for you, the undecided gift buyer, like my own hubby. Also great for the last minute buyer,  fast to get and easy to wrap. Here are my suggestions. 

  1. Baby sitting certificate. Many couples with children struggle to spend some quality time together. this will ensure they don't have an excuse now to go on that date night they've been meaning to go on! I like this company but since this is a very personal choice and you might already have someone who contact for this. 
  2. Photo session. Gift a session and they'll be not only thankful for it, but will also think of you every time they see their photos and remember it was you who made it happen! Give us a call to purchase a gift certificate for the special family in your list! 305 469 6510 or email us at
  3. Sky Zone experience. Do you have an adventurous one on your list? Or one of those who wants to try it all? An indoor trampoline park is just the thing for them! Buy them a ticket and they'll have plenty of fun on you!