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Make your photography session EXTRA special

Happy Monday Miami! 

Another week starts and as you slowly sip on your morning coffee why not learn a few tips for your next photography session? Your family photographs are one of those things that gain special personal value as time passes, making them extra meaningful would just make them even more important. I believe good images should tell a story, these tips will help and guide you to create your own story on your next family photography session.

  1. Choose your location. I believe the place you have your photography session should reflect your personality or have special meaning. For example for your engagement photos you may choose the place where he proposed, or better yet the place where your or his parents got engaged. For a family session a perfect place would be a park that your children love, a trail you often hike or the field where they practice sports.   
  2. BYOP (bring your own prop) As a lifestyle photographer I like to keep props to a minimum (or none at all) and I love it! But the one time I absolutely love props is when YOU bring them! It is always exiting to capture kids with their favorite toys or a family heirloom that has been passed down from previous generations. It makes the photography session truly special and the ultimate personal accessory. 
  3. Show your family spirit! How do you do this? By doing something that characterizes your family, for example: if mom loves to bake then the children will probably be around either helping or munching the goodies, making your photo session on a baking day will show your family perfectly. Another example would be to plan an activity you all enjoy, whether it is playing soccer, going to the water park or biking a trail.

And that's it for today ladies! I hope you keep these tips in mind next time you plan to have a lifestyle family photography session so you may make the best of it by creating meaningful memories.   

Got any suggestions? I'd love to hear them?

Stay happy and healthy. 

Liz Carruana



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