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Scripted vs Unscripted photo sessions


When looking to capture your family memories you may not be sure of this so I’ll help you clear the fog so you can better choose the style you really love and the family photographer to make your vision come true

Scripted, aka traditional style portraits:

This type of photos have a very formal feel to them. Typically everyone is looking at the camera in a perfectly posed manner, no hair out of place and those shirts better be ironed! Usually (but not always) takes place in a studio. These are the photos grandma wants to have! Where your family is calm and collected and looking very proper. Although adults are great at allowing us to pose them perfectly well, children, on the other hand, may not be very eager to comply.

Unscripted, aka lifestyle or editorial photography

These sessions are much more relaxed and focused on capturing your family’s dynamic, interactions and personality. They can take place almost anywhere: your home, the beach, a water park, the everglades, you get the point. These photos will show your family as it really is, not just as it looks like. You can capture your son’s quirkiness and the way your baby smiles when you kiss her little feet. There might be no guidance at all (strictly documenting) or some minimal directions such as “hey, this area here looks interesting, lets explore it?”

We love love love the unscripted sessions! There’s just something magical about being able to look back and be able to see the true essence of someone through a photograph.  It is important to us that you are happy so if you want that money shot for mom or dad we will incorporate on request.

Stay genuine and be happy!

Liz Carruana

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