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Teal pumpkins, more than just a decor trend

So Halloween is around the corner so to speak and while I love seeing kids in their cute and sometimes really creative costumes trick or treating, I do think that they end up with way too much candy for them to eat. 

I recently learned about an awesome new trend: Teal Pumpkin Project which was originally meant to help kids with food allergies stay safe and still be able to go trick or treating with friends. It simply means that the home that includes a teal pumpkin decoration in their halloween display will be handing out kids non-food treats, I gotta say I love the idea! Children get something other than sweets, such as small toys or school supplies, and it still is lots of fun!

I highly encourage those who can to follow this project and keep allergic kids safe and the rest healthy! 

If a teal pumpkin is not something you want to include in your yard there are other options such as a banner or posters you can hang in plain sight.

Happy trick or treating!