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Dressing for your photography session

6 helpful tips on what to wear!

What do I wear? This is one of those top questions us as photographers get and there’s really no right or wrong answer.

Wear something that feel like YOU. Whatever piece you feel comfortable and happy in is what you should go with. You want to remember the real you, the person you are now and we’d love to reflect that in our photos. We do have a few recommendations that might help you choose the best outfit.

  1. Aim to stay in the lighter color palette, especially for tops, these tend to look beautiful and airy in photographs.
  2. Dresses and skirts with some movement to them can be very fun!
  3. Colorful patterns can be conquered by staying in the same color palette and throwing in some solids for the rest of the family.
  4. Girls don’t forget to accessorize! Choose statement pieces like necklaces and bracelets but try to keep earrings small so they don’t steal attention from your gorgeous face.
  5. Professional hair and make-up can go a long way in making you feel beautiful and confident.
  6. My only big warning is to avoid signs and lettering in clothing, what is “in” now will probably not be as cool in 5 years, imagine 15!

One note of caution for us here in Miami is to remember the weather, even though the photoshoot will probably not be longer than 2 hours it can still get really hot if you wear a long sleeve shirt in the middle of July. I always say Miami has 2 seasons: hot and hotter.

So go and start choosing the most “you” outfit in your closet and let’s so capture that beautiful family of yours.


Stay happy and healthy!




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 Beautifully in love couple and an lovely sunset with the Miami downtown skyline.  

Beautifully in love couple and an lovely sunset with the Miami downtown skyline.