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Choosing your photographer

Overwhelmed with choices? Here’s a little help: 

A helpful guide to choosing your family photographer

We are happy that you have visited our site and enjoyed our art! We are providing this complimentary guide help you decide if we are the right photographers for you and if not then what to look for in others. This will ensure you have a pleasant experience and make an informed decision, after all this captured moments will become even more precious as time goes passes and you look back at them to remember these memories.

•    Type of photographer: photographers are like doctors, some are good enough at everything while others are amazing at their specialty! Just like when you want the best specialist for your child you also want the best family photographer, someone who can work with toddlers without getting annoyed at the lack of compliance, someone who can give you individualized experience and make you comfortable they can provide what you are looking for.

•    Style: at some point in our lives we have all looked at a photo and thought “I would love to have a picture like that!” That’s exactly how you should feel when you are looking at your prospective photographer’s portfolio.

•    Personality: this might not seem as important at first, but soon you will realize out that if you and your photographer don’t have a good relationship, there will be a lot of friction and insecurity that will ultimately lead to a disappointing experience. Be sure to meet them
first before making the decision!

•    Client focused: don’t you love it when you get exactly what you want? A client-focused photographer is someone who is willing to work with your ideas, listens to your suggestions and does her best to make your vision come true. 

•    Investment: While not all of us have an unlimited budget for artwork, it is always essential that your family portraits are going to last you many years and you can pass them down to the next generations, which is the true reason we take photos, to record our history.  


Choosing the right family photographer is important, these photos will be with you forever, they will hold a special place in your heart so make sure they can capture the beauty of your family and you absolutely love them!